P.S. 255 @ P.S. 151Q

151 front

P.S. 255 @ 151Q
50-05 31st Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
Unit Coordinator: Josephine Morales
Phone: (718) 274-2897
Fax:(718) 274-4293

P.S. 255 @ 151Q is located in Woodside, NY. There are seventeen elementary age classrooms: one integrated preschool class, two 8:1:1, and thirteen 6:1:1 classes at P151.  This site also offers the following cluster classes: APE, Science, Video Modeling, Art, Music and Instruments, as well as Music and Movement.  Teachers utilize the following enrichment programs: EASE, Gallop, GRTL, TV Teacher, and Watch Me Learn. Our site also offers both a Boys Club and Girls Club to promote leadership, friendship, and communication skills.  There is also a student run school store and children’s garden available to students.

Population: Elementary School ages 3-11

Number of Classes: 17

Cluster Classes:

APE, Science, Video Modeling, Art, Music and Instruments, Music and Movement

Here are some of our special programs and clubs:

Children’s Sensory Garden
At P.S. 255 @ 151Q we have a Children’s Sensory Garden that was started in 2009.
Every year the students plant and maintain their garden. It is also used for various activities during the school year, such as scarecrow contest, pumpkin patch, and egg hunts for the students. Classes go out and use it for plant study and storytime.
It is a wonderful multisensory experience for our students that they really enjoy!

At our site we also have the Girls Club and Recorder classes.

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